My latest obsession!

Lately i’ve been seriously obsessed with S’well bottles!

How do they do it? How can I be obsessed with bottles? I just don’t get it! But i really am. I am a fan of the different sizes! I am a fan of the reason as to why the incredible Sarah Kauss chose to create the bottles! Plus the designs are to die for! They are simply gorgeus. I really want to order a bottle, but I am having a hard time choosing which design I would like first – because to be honest I want ALL of them! They are soooooo pretty, I can’t get over it!

The official Instagram page can be found here! Go check them out!

And the website to order if you fall in love with them such as myself! Here you can also read why Sarah created these amazing bottles. Such an inspiring woman!





Do you have some questions for me? Is there anything you are dying to know?

I get really nosy with people asking for questions, so feel free to do the same!

Why do I love sports so much?

As you may know I am crazy about handball! I played handball for a few years until I felt I didn’t have as much time to invest in it as I would have liked.

In the beginning I loved watching the tournaments of the national teams! That is were it all began. I remember watching the joy and happiness of the Danish national handball team when they won the European Championship back in 2008. This was were I truly fell in love with the sport. Next thing I knew I was glued to the screen whenever they played qualification games or the big tournaments. Before that moment of epiphany I absolutely hated sports and it wasn’t interesting whatsoever. This year I have extended my love for handball and have really been into the club season and EHF Champions League. Would you like for me to talk about this season and the winners of EHF Champions League 2016/2017? I sure do have a lot of opinions about it!

What changed my mind?

I think I was truly captivated by the fans and people in general gathering around a sport that they had in common and celebrating like there was no worries in the world. That to me is the beauty of sports. People gathering and having a moment of joy and community no matter religion, skin color, age and/or gender.

As we begin to watch a sport more and more we eventually pickup a favorite team and begin to back up and support them like we know them personally. When they win a game we feel as fans we just beat the world and when they lose we want to hide and avoid contact for a couple hours. Deep down we know we have no control of the outcome of the game but we still act like we do and become happy or upset with a win or loss. Watching sports can be a nice little escape for people.

Now I simply love most sports and watch as much of it as i possibly can. I will even pay extra if a game is played on other sport channels then the ones I have.


Have you wondered why my blog is called myserendipity?

Let me break it down! It is my serendipity. The meaning of the word serendipity sounds like this:

1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
2. good fortune; luck
I really like this. I think it is a beautiful word and a beautiful meaning!
Let me know if you have a word that you particularly love!

You choose!

Hey everyone!

I would love to get you guys more involved in my blog! Therefore I would love it if you wrote down a subject or a topic that you would love for me to cover. There really aren’t many things I would feel uncomfortable sharing or wouldn’t want to answer.

Also would you guys be interested in fan sound offs? Meaning that you would write a post about a topic that you are passionate about and I would post it on my blog! I personally think that this could be fun!

Hugs and squeeses! ❤

Blog bosses!


In my first blog-post I wrote that I love submerging in the words of other amazing bloggers so I think it would be fitting to share with you my favorite bloggers and why I love them as much as I do.

The blogger I have been following the longest is Zoella. What an amazing gal. She comes across as the nicest and most genuine woman. She makes posts on everything from daily struggles to life style and beauty. She is so relatable whilst beeing extremely succesfull. I really LOVE her youtube channels aswell – especially during christmas. I am simply as in love with christmas as she is.

Check out her blog here:

From one sweetheart to another – Miss Tanya Burr! She is the sweetest person to ever live on this planet earth. What a pure heart and genuine happiness for life. She always make me smile like crazy. I too follow her youtube channel. Also how can anyone be so gorgeus looking.

Check out her blog here:

Another beauty I loooove to follow is Lydia Elise Millen. She is the MOST stunning woman! Just speechless! I am truly astounded with her gorgeus taste in fashion, and let’s be honest! Her hair is always to die for.

Check out her blog here:

These are just my absolute favorites. The list could go on and on.

I would love to get to know you guys, so comment down below and let me know your answers! Who are your favorite bloggers? Are you too christmas crazy?

Do let me know if you have any suggestions for blog-posts! Is there anything in particular you would love to get my opinion on?

Love you loads.

Get to know me!

Since I have started my blog (finally) I think it is only fair if you get to know me! In my very first blog post I covered the most important – my name, age, where I am from and some of my interests. This is for you to get to know me better. Here are 10 facts about me. Some of the facts are funny and some are real life facts. Enjoy!

  1. I was suppossed to have a twin brother – unfortunately he passed away before I was born, so I never knew him nor did my family.
  2. I absolutely hate peeling oranges. I simply won’t do it. The peel of an orange is gross to me. Whenever I want an orange I will get someone else to peel it for me. So weird, right?!
  3. Everytime I shower I wash twice! My hair, my face, my body! It makes me feel a lot cleaner! LOL!
  4. I am a neat freak! I love a good clean enviroment! I also love following Khloe Kardashians app – entirely because of her KHLO-C-D!
  5. I have two sibling who I love! A little brother and a big sister.
  6. I love laughing! Which is why I am always entertained by comedy!
  7. My favourite big-city to visit is most definitely the city of lights – Paris! I have only visited the city once but i fell in love with the city of love. In our family Paris has a significant meaning to us!
  8. My favorite word is: Serendipity! It has a beautiful meaning and sound.
  9. I love handball. Preferably mens handball! I really enjoy when the bigger tournaments are on! But I do enjoy club season just as much!
  10. Currently I have a sabbatical year – not because I wanted to have one, but because I didn’t get accepted into my dream education on Uni.

Those were 10 facts about me! Leave me a comment with one of the funniest facts about you!

My very first blog post

Yay! I am beyond exited to start my own blog. For a long time it has been a little dream of mine to get the opportunity to express myself on a platform were I am able to connect with different people from all over the world – possibly people with the same passions and interests as me.

My name is Tasia and I am 20 years young. I am born and raised in Denmark, and do still live here. I love makeup and fashion, as do many other people in this world – but these are far from centered in my life. My life is centered around a bunch of lovely people, that I always enjoy spending time with, laugh with and experience the craziest things with. That is what life is all about – being happy. Happiness on a daily basis for me is laughing and listening to music. I love music and would describe my taste as sporadic – I simply love what I love, not matter the genre.

I do love reading blogs. I love submerging in the words of other amazing bloggers. This is why i decided to do it myself. I will be posting blogs of things i am loving the most, real life experiences, dreams and life goals. As much of a girly girl I am, I do love sports! Handball and football are my favs, and you will also be able to indulge in blog posts about this very topic.

I really hope you will follow along my journey!

Love from Tasia