Hard times

This is a hard post to make – but a post that simply needs to be written and shared. I am currently going through something that is quite hard to get my head around. I have taken some time off to try and deal with the fact that it is actually happening to someone who is sooo close to me.

My family member have been diagnosed with cancer and it happens to be in the high-risk group – meaning it is pretty bad. We are still filled with hope and my family member is in good hands. We do still pray every day that everything works out because we all know and hear about the awful things that happens to people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

This is not a post about wanting compassion from my readers it is about putting focus on something that we all experience – it could happen to someone close to us, someone far out or ourselves. The worst part is feeling helpless because you truly want to help the person going through it but we really can’t do anything about it – except be there for support.

Remember to tell the people you love that you care about them and show them. Never take anything for granted and love unconditionally! Spend time with the ones you love and laugh – joy and happiness are the keys to a good life!

Love Tasia ❤


A little while ago…

It’s been a little while ago since I last updated my blog. The reason being I’ve started Uni. I am now studying Biochemistry – which isn’t my prefered education (medicine). I was so nervous to not get in, but I got in to something that hopefully helps me get in to my dream education!

Let me tell you! It is stressfull starting – getting to know a lot of people and getting a lot of information. You feel so alone because you do not know a single person. But everything is fine and we are getting there.

Love Tasia ❤