I am back! I have just had the best two weeks on vacation – so nice to just wind down, relax and think about things I normally would not be thinking about on an everyday basis.

So Saturday the 8th I travelled to Hungary with my family and family friends. We were a total of 8 people. We travelled during the night and took the Fairy from Gedser-Rostock at 23:45. We had been to a birthday celebration, celebrating a 70 year old the entire day – so it was quite a long day and travel. Anyways we arrived in Hungary at 16:30 on Sunday the 9th. We then checked-in in our mobilhome on the Campsite BalatonFüred, went out to dinner, had a shower and then went to bed.

The weather we have been so lucky with – in average we have had 37 degrees celsius. This means that I am in no way shape or form were able to sleep in – normally I woke up at 7:30 every day, which really is not to bad because you get the day going. The only thing is I did not go to sleep before 4 in the morning (usually) because we (my brother and I) were out drinking cocktails and hanging out with a bunch of lovely people we met. We hung out everyday with them – so nice!

We had 3 days of sightseeing in total and the rest of the vacation was relaxing time by the pool or the sea. When it was time to go home we stopped in Prague for a 2 night stay-over in the loveliest hotel – EVER! So luxury and can definitly be recommended to everyone. It was a wellness hotel that also provided a lot of bars (with free welcome drinks), restaurants and a bunch of sports – such as badminton, tennis, golf etc. The hotel also provided bowling lanes, pool, spa, conference rooms and sooo much more.

The service at the hotel was soo good aswell! Definitly recommend this place! It is called the Wellness Hotel Step – in Prague. Check it out if you concider going to Prague.

Please ask any questions about my vacation that you would like to know the answer too – because we did so many funny things – I do not even know where to begin or what to tell you guys!

Love Tasia ❤


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