All about this years handball

Let’s talk handball – again! I simply love handball and at the moment it is my biggest passion. We are in the beginning of off-season and I have never been more exited to begin a new season. As to why this is I’m not sure. It might be because of how the season ended. I had some ups and downs in relations to who I wanted to win the different leagues. Generally speaking I am more than satisfied with how everything ended – apart from Champions League.

The leagues I keep up with and love to follow are:

Champions League, The German League, The French League and the Danish League. Lets break down my thoughts on the different leagues! I will start of with the craziest league of them all:

Champions League. The biggest of all the leagues of handball and the most prestigious. It definitely ended in a different way in relations to what I wanted, but that’s okay – it is the name of the game.

Last 16: The first game to be settled was Paris St. Germain vs. HBC Nantes. Here we saw PSG move on to the next phase – which I was very pleased about. I think that Nantes is such an amazing team but in this case I am and was team PSG.

Second game to be settled was Montpellier HB vs. KS Vive Tauron Kielce. Montpellier fought to move on to the next phase. Again very pleased by this.

Third game to be settled was between Telekom Veszprém and HC Prvo plinarsko. Veszprém was the winning team. I didn’t really have the biggest opinions about these two teams so I decided (in my head) that the best team would win.

Next we had the game between Bjerringbro Silkeborg and MOL-Pick Szeged. The games between these two team were won by Pick Szeged – which I was really upset about. Don’t get me wrong the winning team is definitely a good team – but when a danish team reaches this far in a Champions League tournament I am the number one supporter. However BSV made such a huge impact on the tournament this year and maybe one day the team will reach further along in the tournament.

Second to last we had the game between HC Meshkov Brest and SG Flensburg Handewitt. These games were won by SG Flensburg Handewitt. Really exiting! I again support a lot of danes this way. SG Flensburg Handewitt consists of a lot of danes and a couple from “overseas” and I really like the team and their way of playing. It was well deserved of them to win the game!

Lastly in the last 16 round we had the game between THW Kiel and Rhein Neckar Löwen. The games ended 50:49 in favor of Kiel. I had the hardest time with the games between these two teams. Two of my favorite teams from Germany were up against each other and I simply couldn’t choose! I had to just watch and accept that one of my favorite teams from Germany would loose and not participate any further in the tournament, and that the best of the two would continue their journey in the league.

If you want to check out the website for Champions league and see how it all went down, feel free to use this link:


Quarter Finals!

Paired up we had FC Barcelona against THW Kiel! Again another hard game because of the two amazing teams. Barcelona won 46:49 so it was very close – as expected. I again couldn’t choose my favorite.

Secondly we had SG Flensburg Handewitt and HC Vadar. This game ended 51:61 in favor of HC Vadar. This was so sad to me! I really felt that Flensburg had a better team but it just didn’t work out this time.

Then we had PSG paired up with MOL-Pick Szeged. PSG won 57:60 and I was happy! Nothing to complain about here! So exiting! My favorite team of them all (hard to choose thought) was now for the second time in the Final Four!

Lastly we had Montpellier and Telekom Veszprém. This ended in Veszprém succeeding and leading them to Final Four! This was a bummer – but hey! It is handball and it is very unpredictable.


Final Four!!!

In the semi final we had Telekom Veszprém vs. PSG – this was a victory from PSG reaching the final. PSG has only been to final four twice. First time in 15/16 where they won the bronze medal. So for their second time reaching Final Four they reached the final this time. This was exiting! I was so so so happy! What a crazy two games they had! PSG winning with only one more goal than the opponent!

In the second semi final we had FC Barcelona vs. HC Vadar. Which to my dissapointment was won by HC Vadar. However they really showed why they deserved to win the game – a ton of respect for this team. I really would have prefered a final between PSG and Barcelona, but you can’t always get what you want.

The bronze game!

FC Barcelona vs. Telekom Veszprém. Won by Telekom Veszprém. The game ended 34:30 and Barcelona wasn’t at its best. Oh well! Devastating but Telekom Veszprém really showed why they deserved the medal!


The final!

The most devastating match of them all. Ending with the goals 23:24 in favor of HC Vadar. The team scored their last and the decisive goal in the last 3 seconds (or so) and I was heartbroken! The team deserved to win because they were simply better. But seriously there is no doubt in my mind that PSG deserved to win! I really rooted for them. Such an amazing team with talented players and I really thought that they were going to take it home – but they didn’t. Still heartbroken by this (and it has been almost about a month).

But still congratulations to HC Vadar! You really beat the best!


If you want a break down of the other leagues that I personally love watching then let me know! Leave a comment, a like, a follow or whatever you want. What did you think of champions league this year?

XOXO – Tasia 😉


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