Why do I love sports so much?

As you may know I am crazy about handball! I played handball for a few years until I felt I didn’t have as much time to invest in it as I would have liked.

In the beginning I loved watching the tournaments of the national teams! That is were it all began. I remember watching the joy and happiness of the Danish national handball team when they won the European Championship back in 2008. This was were I truly fell in love with the sport. Next thing I knew I was glued to the screen whenever they played qualification games or the big tournaments. Before that moment of epiphany I absolutely hated sports and it wasn’t interesting whatsoever. This year I have extended my love for handball and have really been into the club season and EHF Champions League. Would you like for me to talk about this season and the winners of EHF Champions League 2016/2017? I sure do have a lot of opinions about it!

What changed my mind?

I think I was truly captivated by the fans and people in general gathering around a sport that they had in common and celebrating like there was no worries in the world. That to me is the beauty of sports. People gathering and having a moment of joy and community no matter religion, skin color, age and/or gender.

As we begin to watch a sport more and more we eventually pickup a favorite team and begin to back up and support them like we know them personally. When they win a game we feel as fans we just beat the world and when they lose we want to hide and avoid contact for a couple hours. Deep down we know we have no control of the outcome of the game but we still act like we do and become happy or upset with a win or loss. Watching sports can be a nice little escape for people.

Now I simply love most sports and watch as much of it as i possibly can. I will even pay extra if a game is played on other sport channels then the ones I have.


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