Get to know me!

Since I have started my blog (finally) I think it is only fair if you get to know me! In my very first blog post I covered the most important – my name, age, where I am from and some of my interests. This is for you to get to know me better. Here are 10 facts about me. Some of the facts are funny and some are real life facts. Enjoy!

  1. I was suppossed to have a twin brother – unfortunately he passed away before I was born, so I never knew him nor did my family.
  2. I absolutely hate peeling oranges. I simply won’t do it. The peel of an orange is gross to me. Whenever I want an orange I will get someone else to peel it for me. So weird, right?!
  3. Everytime I shower I wash twice! My hair, my face, my body! It makes me feel a lot cleaner! LOL!
  4. I am a neat freak! I love a good clean enviroment! I also love following Khloe Kardashians app – entirely because of her KHLO-C-D!
  5. I have two sibling who I love! A little brother and a big sister.
  6. I love laughing! Which is why I am always entertained by comedy!
  7. My favourite big-city to visit is most definitely the city of lights – Paris! I have only visited the city once but i fell in love with the city of love. In our family Paris has a significant meaning to us!
  8. My favorite word is: Serendipity! It has a beautiful meaning and sound.
  9. I love handball. Preferably mens handball! I really enjoy when the bigger tournaments are on! But I do enjoy club season just as much!
  10. Currently I have a sabbatical year – not because I wanted to have one, but because I didn’t get accepted into my dream education on Uni.

Those were 10 facts about me! Leave me a comment with one of the funniest facts about you!


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